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Parcel Lookup Guide

The purpose of this page is to provide instructions and tips for using the search and download features of this site. To find help on a topic, choose from the following menu.

Searching for properties by...

Downloading info for generating labels and reports...
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Search for Properties by Address

All parcels in the database are tied to a Tax Payer's Address. The address is entered in the following format: House No., Direction, Street, City and State. For example, an address might appear as 707 E SKYLINE DULUTH MN.

NOTE:You do not need to enter the entire address you are searching for. The search is designed to find all records that begin with the characters that you entered (you must type at least 3). For example, typing "SKY" (without quotes) will return all names that contain SKY, like SKYLINE or PRETASKY. DO NOT USE ANY WILDCARD CHARACTERS

TIP: Enter fewer characters of the street if you are not sure of the spelling, and you will get more records to choose from. If you are sure of the spelling, enter the entire address to reduce the number of records that you need to look through.

TIP: The State field is only used if the City is not blank.

If you don't find any records that match your search, try again with fewer characters (remember, you must enter at least 3 characters).

Search for Properties by Parcel Number
All parcels in the database are tied to an Parcel Number assigned by the County. The numbers are entered in the following format:   000-0000-00000
  • the first 000 is city or town number
  • the second 0000 is the plat number
  • and the third 00000 is the parcel
Search for Properties by Lake Name
When you do a search by lake, the system will generate a listing of the lakes in your county to choose from. You may notice more than one lake with the same name, but each has a unique identifier number. This number can help you choose the correct lake. When you select a lake and click the search button, you will be given a listing of those properties abutting the lake.
Search for Properties by Plat Name
This search feature may only be used to find property in platted areas. You will be presented with a listing of plat names to choose from. Simply highlight the one you want and click the search button. In some cases, you may see the same plat name more than once. However, each should have a unique identifier number. If you are not sure which is the correct plat, please contact the County Auditor's Office.
Search for Properites by Section-Township-Range
This search allows you to find all of the Parcels within a given section of land. You cannot search by units smaller than a section. For better results, try the Parcel ID Search. Example: When searching for Section 7, Township 51 N, and Range 16W, enter it as follows

Section: 7
Township 51.0

Do NOT enter leading zeros.

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